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Schoolhouse Usage

The Soap Creek Schoolhouse is available for use throughout the year for small meetings of local interest. Please obtain permission and a key by contacting Nancy Hyde at 541-745-7470.

A $20 key deposit is required. Rental fees: schools and community groups, no charge. Small private groups, $20. Profit-making groups, $20-100, to be negotiated in advance. Ongoing classes: $5 per day. All groups must leave the premises tidy.

No running water is available. A permanent modern outhouse facility is on- site. Lights, electricity (2 outlets) and heat are available.

Please note: the Schoolhouse Foundation does not endorse any political or religious group but does allow its facilities to be used by such groups.


Soap Creek Schoolhouse News


Upcoming Events

Annual Schoolhouse Community Benefit Garage Sale:

Save up your accumulated good "junk" to help fund the schoolhouse.

Neighborhood Picnic:

Everyone is welcome; foundation membership not required.
WHERE: Adair County Park picnic shelter, rear section. Nice playground! Volleyball, baseball, and horseshoes will be set up.
BRING: a salad, dessert, or side dish, and any beer or wine you desire.
All else is provided!

Soap Creek Schoolhouse Foundation Annual Newsletter
(June 2018)

(Thanks to Nancy Hyde for putting this together)

> CLICK HERE to view the PDF document (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Your Dues and Donations received in 2018 = $1599, plus
Garage Sale Income = $741 more.
Roof Donations and Grant = $2672 and $2000. THANK YOU!

(Leftover funds are accumulated for major repairs.)

We’d like to ask everyone who enjoys the presence of the Schoolhouse to send in $10 for membership dues. Anyone can be a member, no matter your location! THANKS!

What did we spend your money on, last year?

  • $13,119 New Roof
  • $535 Insurance
  • $357 Electricity
  • $70 State Corporation fees
  • $66 Forest Fire Protection fees
  • $248 Neighborhood Picnic
  • $85 Newsletter Printing/mailing
  • $100 Website Hosting
  • $Septic Pumping

$1,860 Total

The Soap Creek neighborhood newsletter via email has been up and running for four years now. It comes out a few times each month and contains information submitted by the neighbors themselves. There are notices of lost dogs (very successful!), advertisements of local produce and services, items for immediate attention, and details of meetings that people might like to attend. If you'd like to make sure you receive the "weekly" email neighborhood newsletter, send your own email address(es) to Nancy Hyde, NHyde@peak.org. She'll put you on the list!